Something Very Different

wyllene book cover

Some babies are delivered by the stork, some are found under a cabbage leaf, but my cousin, Wyllene was rooted up by a pig. Mrs. Bones, the midwife, told Wyllene that she was walking across a field when she noticed a pig rooting in the ditch. On closer examination, she noticed that the pig had rooted up a baby girl. Mrs. Bones didn’t know what to do with the child, so she took her to Mrs. Skipper and asked her to take care of the baby.

Rooted Up by a Pig and Then…is a delightful memoir written by my first cousin once removed, Carolyn Wyllene Skipper who lives in the hills of North Carolina where she has been a preacher for most of her life. Born in rural South Carolina, she is the youngest of seven siblings who were abandoned by their father when she was three. Her story of how their mother kept the family fed and clothed in a home without running water or electricity, with no income, and no social services is remarkable. Wyllene tells in a conversational voice how they got by and supported one another with the help of extended family, neighbors, and faith. In addition to being a history, this book is a genealogy of the Skipper and Walters families of Georgetown County, South Carolina. By definition, a memoir is the story of a person’s life, and Wyllene has had a very full one.

Wyllene sent me a copy of her book as a gift. I do not know where it might be available, but if anyone cares to buy a copy, contact me, and I will forward your request. Email me at Scott at ca dot rr dot com.

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