Phoenix artist brings Arizona wonders to life in her studio

I went to school with Marsha a few eons ago and have only reconnected with her recently. She’s a great painter.

AZ Wonders

I meet so many interesting people in my travels around Arizona that I’ve come to expect it. However, I would have never expected to meet an award-winning artist at the trailhead in my own neighborhood.

As I was wrapping up a wonderful 6-mile hike in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, I exchanged pleasantries with Marsha LAZAR Klinger who was finishing her hike at the same time. We agreed on what perfect weather we were having and how beautiful it was that day. She mentioned she had sketched a few images while on her hike and I asked to see them.

I often find it challenging to capture with a camera the real beauty of the sights I see out on the trail, so I was amazed at what she had been able to portray with a pencil and a small pad. We chatted for a few blocks as we walked toward…

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